Participate Community

Supportive plus can cover assistance with activities that will build and improve independence. Support types that you may be able to access under the categories shown below include experiences that will help you improve your ability to interact and participate in your surrounding community. Some of the examples of these activities include: Sports coaching, camps, attending classes, vacation activities. In addition to this, it also covers, having a support worker assist you to participate in social and community activities.

Participate Community

Some of the things we can organize with you include:

  • Participating in social group or community
  • Planning an outing or holiday camp
  • Joining in community activities and events
  • Participating in sports club
  • Visit a library, shopping complex or malls,
  • Attending Personal development courses
  • Attending Personal development courses
  • Attend to learn new skills, art and craft
  • Go for hobby photography, theatre
  • Go to movies, coffee shops and much more

Participation is part of the NDIS plan

It is one of the support categories under Core support. It has been observed that addressing and encouraging community participation and its inclusion for people with disability typically has significant benefits. But before we move on to understanding the benefits it is important to note, that if you are an NDIS participant and you have been approved of support and assistance category then it can greatly benefit you in the following ways:
Supportive plus can lead to improved wellbeing outcomes for people with disability and others about health and life satisfaction outcomes.
It can lessen longer-term care and support costs for people with disability and it may prevent people who have modest disability care and support needs from needing more costly levels of care and support.
It can help them in boosting their self-confidence and personality.
People who have a disability at a slightly lower level can help them in the reduction of support.

For example

1. Supportive Plus can support people interact and move independently without any support. They don’t have to rely on others to shop or interact on their behalf.
2. The provision of public transport for people who have a disability can reduce the need for them to use taxis or any other form of travel conveyance.
3. Support for people with disabilities can also have economic benefits, increasing participation in the workforce.
4. Providing mobility services to people with a moderate level of disability like vision or hearing impairment can reduce the chances of facing any accidents which can lead to further accidents or disability.
5. It will create a better network amongst people thus breaking stereotypes. It can promote economic and social interaction.
6. The community as a whole will benefit from overall participation. It can enhance Australia’s social capital; can help in the improvement of the economy and better community diversity. 2022 All Right Reserved