Assist-Travel /Transport

Supportive Plus’s Transport supports include supports that enable participant’s to build capacity to independently travel, including through personal transport-related aids and equipment, or training to use public transport.

A participant’s transport supports may also include the reasonable and necessary costs of taxis or other private transport options for participants who are not able to travel independently, as well as the transport to and from school for students.

Supportive plus’s staff member will drive you to your appointment or another place in the community and take you back home when you’re done. 

Assist-Travel /Transport

We provide you with safe, convenient transport, scheduled in advance to help you get to:

  • School or another educational facility
  • Work
  • Your doctor or other medical appointments
  • Your local shopping centre
  • Around your community
  • Visit family, friends and other people.
  • Community/social participations

Inform, Support, Educate and Empower

We aim to inform, support, educate and empower you in the best way to get from your home to work, school, supermarket, clinic, or any other place you wish to travel to. 2022 All Right Reserved